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Sentencing Reform Series

Mass incarceration is a system of segregation that overwhelmingly and disproportionately affects poor people of color. Politicians and the mainstream media perpetuate this system through fear. But the reality is that locking up more and more people for longer periods of time isn’t making our streets safer, it costs taxpayers trillions of dollars, and ignores the root causes.

The good news is that real solutions exist that are saving lives and making us safer without criminalizing poor people of color. In our Sentencing Reform Series, we examine some of these alternatives to mass incarceration.

The first film in the series, Sentencing Reform: The Power of Fear, explores the scope and source of mass incarceration. In Sentencing Reform: Drug Addiction, we provide a positive solution to the failing, militaristic War on Drugs. More episodes in our Sentencing Reform Series will be coming soon…

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