Measure R is finally on the November 4th ballot for the City of Eureka Ca. The text of the initiative can be found here.

The process has taken more than 2 years but the people's initiative to require larger employers to pay their Eureka workers a minimum of $12 an hour is finally getting voted upon. We defined larger employers as those with 25 or more employees.

Created as a response to the destructive influence of the Big Boxes on our small community Measure R is vital to the rejuvenation of our local economy. Created as a response to trickle down economics failure for the past 30 years Measure R truly will lift all boats from the bottom up. Created by the need for working people to be paid a fair wage and for companies to stop asking taxpayers to subsidize their employees  with food stamps and other subsidies Measure R will lift a single worker with 1 dependent above the poverty line.

The city of Eureka is one of the smallest communities in California to take control of its own economic future but we certainly will not be the last.