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Media That Makes an Impact

For ten years, Brave New Films has been producing groundbreaking documentaries that have altered the national conversation. We’ve exposed Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, the Koch Brothers’ efforts to buy their very own customized government, shameless war profiteering by some of our largest corporations, and the impact of a certain terrible big box retail chain, which has a habit of destroying the communities in which they build their stores.

But did you also know that Brave New Films launched the Cuéntame project, one of the largest online outlets for the Latino community, or Beyond Bars, a social media and video campaign against mass incarceration? Did you know we’ve also continued our work exposing the human and financial costs of war through our War Costs campaign?

No? We were worried about that. That’s why we’re rebranding all the work we do under one Brave New Films banner. We’ll be exploring the same issues we always have and giving a voice to the people on the receiving end of humankind’s worst injustices.

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How "Protect & Serve" Became "Search & Destroy"

When riots erupted at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, police responded with billy clubs and helmets. Now, when a riot of a smaller magnitude breaks out — such as in Ferguson, Missouri — the police roll in with body armor, mine-resistant vehicles and automatic weapons.

The police’s aggressive handling of the situation has not sat well with the country. Images from the event more closely resemble an occupying force in Kabul, Afghanistan than civilian police in a Midwestern town of 21,000. As shown in Brave New Films’ latest video, this problem is not only happening in Ferguson. 

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To Prison For Poverty

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The Iraq War Is Back In Session

The United States is notorious for blinded idealism. In 2003 we instigated a conflict in a region that most Americans couldn’t point to on a map. Yet the consequences of those decisions are still evident today. ISIS, which has seized large swaths of Syria and Iraq, is the culmination of our bad judgement. 

When Obama announced a final withdrawal from Iraq in December 2011, his former Deputy National Security Adviser, Denis McDonough said, “every assessment the White House sought about Iraq’s military showed they were up to the task of defending their country on their own.”

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GEO Group: Raking in Dough at the Cost of Human Suffering

Florida, the state that gave us George Bush's first term, Creed, George Zimmerman and death metal, also headquarters the second largest for-profit prison company in the United States, GEO Group. Since opening in 1984, the operation has expanded to 98 facilities throughout the United States. Along the way, GEO Group has developed a reputation for mismanagement, human rights abuses and an insatiable appetite for maximizing profits.

Brave New Films, partnering with the ACLU and The Nation, profiled GEO Group in their short video, “Mistreating People + Lobbying = More Money,” part of their Beyond Bars series.

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Wage Theft Is a Crime

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Unmanned: America's Drone Wars

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Robert Greenwald Statement on growing crisis in Iraq

ROBERT GREENWALDPresident and Founder of Brave New Films

"The tragic situation in Iraq is the shattered legacy the United States leaves behind after 12 years of war and over $3 billion wasted. I am gravely saddened by these recent events. The Administration must not cave into the hawks mindless pressure for military action.

The safety and security of the United States cannot be fixed with more guns, bombs, invasions or even drones. As we've seen with a neocon approach towards our foreign policy - a one-size-fits-all solution does not work. It is merely a negligent philosophy that leads to greater destabilization in the Middle East and across the globe. It's time for the President to oppose another military intervention in Iraq and respect that now is time for negotiation and diplomacy." 

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His Purple Heart Didn’t Mean Shit

How often have we heard of employees being injured on the job and their bosses trying to squirm out of paying for benefits? We’ve seen it with coal miners and NFL Players, but what if the job was defending our country, and the boss was the US military?

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